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We Shall Overcome - Fatima College Senior Choir

In honour of an undoubtedly historic academic year 2020-2021, the Fatima College Senior Choir presents a choral arrangement of 2 pieces: "Ooh Child" and "We Shall Overcome". Indeed, these are frightening times. However, standing on our faith in God, our hope in better days to come and our love of country, the choir echoes the call of "Mother Trinidad and Tobago" to all of us, her children: Things are going to get easier, things are going to get brighter and we shall overcome! The choir is directed by Foreign Languages Teacher, Mr. Kwasi Noel. Videography and sound editing was done by Dante Gains of Upper 6 who now ends his time as a student of the College. This project was managed by Lower 6 student, Mathias Noel (House Captain - St. Luke)and Jonathan Crosby of Form 5.

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