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Class Reps Duties

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  • To contribute in a positive and beneficial way to the school-life of our children.


  • To provide parents the opportunity to keep abreast of what is happening at school via timely communication.




  • To forward all approved school communication to parents via email. 

  • Text/‘whatsapp’ broadcast messages can also be used as supplemental dissemination of information and especially in cases of emergency.

  • The Class Rep Coordinator will circulate an official school communiqué or notice to the Class Reps that they in turn will circulate to all parents/guardians in their class.

  • At times phone calls may be required to promote events and to encourage participation.

  • Ensure that parents in your class have your contact information (email address & phone numbers)

  • Please confirm with the parents before sharing their contact information; class lists are considered highly confidential and must be kept in a secure location.

  • Class Reps should not encourage complaints or other personal situations from other parents, especially about a child or staff member. 

  • Please direct any parent issues directly to the school – teacher / Dean / Vice Principal / Principal.  Check with the Class Rep Coordinator if unsure.

  • Parents must be reminded of the protocol - class/homeroom teacher remains their first point of contact as it relates to addressing such questions, concerns, challenges and or complaints.



Assist as required with school activities. For example:

  • Class events/ Outings as directed by specific teachers or the Dean

  • Sports Day/5K/etc

  • Class

  • Sales/Fundraisers

  • Support PSG initiatives and fundraising events. These may be in the form of organizing, brainstorming, seeking corporate sponsorship, assistance with set up and décor, sourcing materials and other event related activities.


Each class should have three (3) Class Representatives.  This is to ensure that this volunteer position does not become overwhelming for any one person.  It is important to organize the class database early so communication will be literally a click. 

  • Most communication requires forwarding

  • In the event that a staff member asks a Rep directly to assist, then the Rep will be tasked with that communication and follow up.  Please copy the Class Rep Coordinator for information purposes.

  • Do NOT split the class list.  One person should be the lead in dispatching the information.  If he/she does not send out within an hour of receiving, then another Rep in the group could assist.  In cases of emergency, it should be dispatched immediately.

  • In events that you need to solicit assistance from parents, you may choose to split the lists for contact purposes.


  • With consistent effort, Class Reps can do a great deal to unify the community spirit within the school, involve parents and help give our children the best possible school environment.

  • Get to know a little about the parents.  It goes a long way to encouraging volunteers when help is needed.  Use this as an opportunity to verify the contact data on your class list.

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