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Stacey Siu Butt joined Fatima College in 2013 as the head coach responsible for the overall planning and training of the school’s hockey teams. The program was open to any student interested in playing the sport. 


Through her holistic and rigorous program, Fatima College went on to win numerous Secondary School tournaments both outdoor and indoor in the U16 and U 20 divisions.  On many occasions, the hockey teams have captured several titles along with individual awards such as MVP, Most Goals, Most Outstanding Goalkeeper and TTHB top school hockey player of the year.


Because of the success over the years, Fatima College field hockey team is considered to be THE BEST Secondary hockey school in the nation. Many of the players both past and present have be called and selected to represent the sport at the Junior and Senior National Hockey level for both the Indoor and Outdoor game.  


At present, the school can boost of having 4 hockey teams who have continued to emulate the trend that was started years ago. 

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