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Water Polo


Water Polo is a watersport by which two teams compete to score goals by throwing a ball into the opposing team’s goal. Think of it as football in a pool, using hands instead of feet. Fatima water polo players throughout the years will compete in school league competitions against other schools across the country like CIC, QRC etc. These competitions are always action packed and exciting, seeing friends from different schools become rivals in the pool as schoolmates and parents cheer on. Fatima water polo team has always proven to be strong, bringing home either the gold or silver medal in all age groups in every school league tournament.

Water polo also offers students the chance to excel beyond secondary school, with the potential for students to join the national water polo team and even get scholarships to schools abroad, as many past students have done. Fatima has plans to expand and develop their water polo activities, including a school club to compete at local and international levels, in tournaments other than the school league. This club can help us create a direct link to foreign universities and scouts and will encourage comradery and close relationships between teammates. 

Once again Fatima College’s water polo team has made the institution proud. Since it’s inception for the 2003 Secondary Schools Water Polo League, it now consists of three main classes: an Open team, a Form 1 mini polo team and an Under-16 team. All of whom have kept the flag of Fatima college flying high near the swimming pool.


Our form 1 team placed third in FCB’s Mini Water polo league in January, after being captained by Kryztien Sharpe. The Under 16 team captained by Marc Stauble was also crowned 3rd after defeating St. Anthony’s 36-2. Unfortunately, both teams were barely edged out of the finals by St. Mary’s College. Ironically, our open team played against CIC in their final match, after dominating their category, and defeated them 17-4. Thus our open team placed first in it’s class undefeated, while the other teams still represented us extremely well.

Students at Fatima College also participated in a part of the National team that went to the biannual CISC: (Caribbean Island Swimming Championships). Students on the Under 17 team, which was the 1st team to defeat Cuba and placed 1st overall in the tournament, comprised Marc Stauble, Sebastian Can-Reekan, Russel Ferreria, Daniel Tardieu and Ryan West. The lone Fatima ranger on the Under 19 team, which placed 2nd after being knocked out by Curacao, was Andrew Calrke.

Our college’s other international achievements were by:

  • Justin Bholer, Giovanni Newallo, Kyle Ferreira and Sebastian Van-Reekan who played in the under 15 team in CARIFTA aiding in Trinidad’s obtaining 64 points to Cuacao’s 2, and defending CARIFTA’s Under-15 Water Polo title at the end of April.

  • Most recently, during the Easter vacation they ventured as the only English speaking country into a South American tournament where they placed 5th overall.

  • The National team’s next major event will be the CCCan (Central American and Caribbean Swimming Federation) tournament near June’s end where Fatima will be represented on both the Under-19 and Under 17 teams.

Training for the Mini water polo teams occurs or Tuesday Thursday and Saturdays at Marlins Swimming pool.

For more information you can contact Ryan West.

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