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Mystical Rose Prayer Group


The mission of The Mystical Rose is to do as Jesus said: Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all the commands I gave you.

We wish to dispel darkness of every kind from our midst and to make ourselves and everyone else open to light. Our focus is the youth of our society. In the last Church census taken we saw that only 17% of Catholics attend Mass on weekends. If these are the only practising Catholics, it’s safe to assume that the only Catholics who practice their faith are our older and elderly brothers and sisters. In other words, we have a crisis on our hands as regards our youth.

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The Lord continued to call us to spread his Word and our group continued to grow. It now comprises 15 young men. We met on Tuesday for at least 20 minutes to reflect on the Gospel, pray for our families, ourselves and our peers and to share the power of God’s intervention in our lives. This dedication and faithfulness have  continued during the pandemic and we now meet every Wednesday via zoom. We welcomed four new Form 1s with testimony, song and prayer.


A meaningful facet of our group is to serve and to bring joy to our community.  Last year, we visited the Simeanna Home in St, James twice where the members have sung and helped decorate for Christmas. The faces of all lit up and hearts were moved by both us and members of the home. This Christmas Season, 2020 we have ventured into two initiatives: Be a North Star to the children of Christ Child Convalescent Home and we will be partnering with Fatima Old Boys Association to provide hampers for The Simeanna Home. 

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