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Chess Club

Fatima College has had a tradition of success and has consistently been described as a “dominant force in Junior Chess” since the  first Secondary Schools’ National Chess tournament in 1994. However, in 2011 gone are the old days of an annual National Schools’ tournament, coercing our young men to enter into open tournaments in Trinidad and beyond.

Nevertheless, under the watchful guidance and expertise of Mr. Joseph who has seen quite the calibre of chess players over the years, Fatima College continues to be a dominant force in chess tournaments both local and aboard. Chess practice occurs in the luncheon interval in the chess room where keen students come to train their skills and raise Fatima’s name to higher peaks.

Over the last couple of years, ‘Fatima and Chess’ seems to have become synonymous with ‘Joseph Gill,’ a present Form 6 student. Rightfully so, as his achievements include his playing games in Bento Goncalves, Brazil to Mar del Plata, Argentina. In the former tournament which occurred in August 2010, he played top international chess players like the Venezuelan under 18 champion, Mexican junior champion, whom he both defeated. Now bearing the burden of C.A.P.E on his shoulders, Gill, has had to squeeze in the time for bearing the title for National Under 18 champion while vying for the UMADA Cup, contributing to Fatima’s 1st place in Lucozade’s School Championship and still excel in his academics.

However, Fatima College has young chess blood in Form one and soon the mantle of carrying the title of ‘Fatima and Chess’ will be handed to the Under 20! National Junior Champion who is just 12 years old- “Joshua Johnson.” His achievements rival those of his predecessors, and is inclusive of him placing first in the Umada Cup, 1st place under-12 National Junior championship, 2nd Place Overall – Secondary Schools and Tertiary Institutions Tournament, aiding Marc Reys, Alex Wallcot and Joseph Gill to cop the title, “Champion Secondary Chess School Team.” The list seems endless when one begins to consider his achievements from when he was just 9 years old.

Evidently, Fatima College still has a tradition of top-notch chess players who are indeed a “dominant force in chess” throughout the world. May Fatima’s chess team continue to enjoy victory after victory.

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