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At present there are many classes for swimming inclusive of an under 12, a 13-14 age group and a 15 and over. Daniel Tardieu, who is the captain for the 15 + category lead the team to enter two swimming tournaments in the last academic year. The former being the Secondary Schools Swim Meet in November, where the Fatima College Swim team placed 1st. The second tournament occurred in February where Fatima placed second losing only to CIC, after holding the titles for 3 years. The main record breakers were Dyllan Carter, Joshua Romany and Jebari Baptiste. Many persons contributed to Fatima’s high scores in the competitions but a few stood out, namely: Marc Stouble, Blaine Sobrian, Jovani Novalo mainly Adam Camacho. Fatima College has had a long standing tradition of excellence in the field of swimming, and we continue to maintain this trend.

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