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String Ensemble

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Fatima college was introduced to the world of classical string instruments in the year 2017, when teaching artist Mr. Akil Patrick was invited to tutor the college students on classical string playing as a co-curricular activity. Starting as a simple trio, the ensemble quickly grew over the years and now consists of sixteen (16) members and is continuing to grow. During this three (3) year period the String Ensemble has performed at various musical events which include the string music festival and the local musical festival, placing first and second in both ensemble and string individual solo categories respectively. Other performances include the college annual Christmas concert GOBAG, Food Fest and May Fair.

To strive for excellence within the String Ensemble and the ability to perform well, the boys are encouraged to view music not only as a hobby, but as part of their growth holistically in life. As a result of this philosophy, each member is held to an academic standard which consists of an eight five percent pass rate in all their subject areas. As an additional boost, all the members of the ensemble are also encouraged to have individual tutoring for their specified instrument, which further helps to develop their technical proficiencies.

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College Band

Fatima College Band came to fruition after the individual talents of the students were recognized during the schools’ weekly assembly; as the custom, one student is required to perform a simple piece. Taking notice of the boys that performed exceptionally, the idea of combining their strengths became very realistic.

Some of the instruments that are used within the band are electric bass and guitar, saxophone, piano, drum kit and other percussive instruments. During the various seasonal events hosted by the college throughout the year, the band is called upon to perform various genres of music.

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