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North Zone Awards

2019 North Zone U14 winner

Player of the Season 2023 (U20) nominees:

Joshua Davis

Zachary Siewah

Aditya Ramdeen

Player of the Season 2023 (U20) - Zachary Siewah

Player of the Season 2023 (U14) - Kaiden Pollard

Special Awards - Centurions - Maleek Lewis and Caiden Mack

5 wicket hauls - Adrian Mahase and Zander Castanada

Senior Wicketkeeper - Isaiah Fernandes

Senior Male Player of the Year 2023 - Zachary Siewah

Coach of the Year 2023 - Miguel Paty

Team of the Year 2023

National Team Selection - Joshua Davis (U19 Captain), Zachary Siewah (U19), Niall Maingot (U17)

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