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Music Festival

Fatima College continues to strive and conquer in the realm of the performing arts. Coming off of last year's victories at SANFEST and another successful staging of the annual production "Gifts of Blue & Gold", our students have brought glory to the college on the Music Festival stage. Liam Gooding is the North Champion among boys' vocal soloists (16 - 19 years), the Fatima College Senior Choir retained their title as winners of the category Junior Choirs under 19 - Lower Voices and our Rhythm Section were victorious in the Drumming Ensemble category. Liam and these two performing groups perform in the Championship round on Wednesday 13th March at Queen's Hall.

Junior Drumming Ensemble 19 years and under. Our drummers now progress to the TTMF Championships on March 13, 2024. Congratulations to our boys!!!

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