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Gift of Debate

On Thursday, February 22nd, 2024, marked a historic showdown between the debate club of Fatima College and St. Joseph’s Convent Port of Spain for their first ever inter-school debate at SJC's Audio Visual Room. In a riveting display of wit and rhetoric, the Fatima College Junior Team clinched victory with a commanding 10-point lead with scores of 81 - 71 to Fatima and SJC respectively, showcasing their finesse in argumentation and persuasion.

Meanwhile, the St. Joseph’s Convent Port of Spain Senior Team demonstrated their resilience and skill, securing a hard-fought win by 4 points with scores of 92 - 96 to Fatima and SJC respectively. It was a testament to the dedication and prowess of both teams, leaving the audience in awe of their eloquence and strategic prowess.

Photos: Nicholas Henry

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