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The Aloysius Joseph Form 6 Public Speaking Competition

The Aloysius Joseph Form 6 Public Speaking Competition was held on Thursday 9th

March, 2023 in the College Hall. Six finalists were selected. The competition was

highly competitive. There were two segments: the prepared and the unprepared.

For the prepared segment, students had to prepare a 3-5 minutes speech on the

following topic: “Do you believe that the Office of the President in Trinidad and

Tobago is irrelevant?” The unprepared segment was more challenging but the students

were able to deliver excellent speeches on topics which they only had a short time to

prepare on stage.

Some of the unprepared topics were; the Scrap Iron Industry, the Justice System in

Trinidad and Tobago and Regional Food Security. Our distinguished panel of judges

included: Mr. Ian Benjamin, Mr. Felix Edinborough, Dr. Dominic Kalipersad and Sr.

Vanessa Manzano.

The results of the competition were as follows:

1st Kyle Valley

2nd Will Williams

3rd Dallas De Gourville

4th Nevan De Coteau

5th Benjamin Basanta

6th Nicholas O’Young

Success of the competition is dependent on several factors. High among the lists is

sponsorship. Several prominent businesses provided sponsorship and for this we are

eternally grateful. Recognition was given to Christian Mendez (Upper 6) for his

contribution to the competition from 2017 to 2023. To all other persons who

contributed towards this venture a heartfelt thank you!

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