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Robert Solomon - Rest in Eternal Happiness

Robert had what some may call an idiosyncratic habit of jumping.

His life and his personality seemed to be one of high-spirited ‘jumping for joy’.

His artistic juices as a Designer Par Excellence appeared to flow easily, as he created endless works of art for an eclectic range of clients, including FOBA.

For FOBA––thinking and talking at a speed that was so alive––he originated punchy themes for all our events, and followed those with knock-out décor that went perfectly with each occasion.

But just as important as his enlivening work was his effervescent spirit––always waking us up, inspiring us, getting us going, driving us, filling us with fun, giving us delight and ‘de light’…making us wanting to live every day fully, to be happy just to be Fatima old boys together, and providing us the institutional memory that he was a singular joyful, generous soul.

As his work sprouted around us at all Fatima events and across T&T, it blossomed throughout the world wherever his designs were installed. He made every event more spectacular, which lead us to an overwhelming love for Robert. We came to appreciate this joyful persona that we will always hold dear in our hearts.

All of that understanding was to tell us that when Robert jumped, it was really to touch the sky.

So we let him be. Let Robert be Robert. We were to just enjoy and, if possible, enjoin him.

Every brother of the Fatima Old Boys' Association joins together in extending condolences to the Solomon family for their loss.

Robert Solomon will be dearly missed by everyone. May he Rest in Eternal Peace.

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