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Public Speaking Competition

The Aloysius Joseph Form 6 Public Speaking Competition was held on Tuesday 27th. February, 2024. From the preliminary round, six finalists were selected. The competition was highly competitive. There were two segments, the prepared and the unprepared.

For the prepared segment, students prepared a 3-5 minutes speech on the following topic: “Do you believe that the United Nations is an effective world body?” The unprepared segment was more challenging but students were undaunted and delivered excellent speeches. Some of the unprepared topics were: cybersecurity, brain drain drain in TNT and reparations.

The results of the competition are as follows:

1st. Alejandro Belmonte

2nd. Arvyn Singh

3rd. Liam Gooding

4th. Luke Manzano

5th. Sterlin Russell

6th. Jeremiah Forgenie-Reyes

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