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Champion Rugby Team!!! Congratulations Fatima!

Fatima's u18 Rugby Team played San Juan North in their first game and beat them 25 - 15 and everyone played in this game.

The second pool game was against St. Benedict's College and the scoreline was 25 - 0.

In the semi-final Fatima played Trinity College, and again the game was 5 - 5 at full time, so the game went into sudden death. I think that Matthias Aboud scored the winning try to put Fatima into the final.

The final was contested against North Eastern College, and Fatima opened the scoring with a Matthias Aboud try in the corner. NE then equalised and the game finished at 5 - 5.

So, another game of sudden death for the boys in Gold and Blue. This time, putting the opposition under sustained pressure Fatima captain Rhys Valere did a quick pick up and dive to score the winning try as he took advantage of a disorganised defence.

A special thank you to Mr. Cooper for his support and to the parents who also were there to support and organised food for everyone!

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