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Calling ALL Fatima Parents!!

Support Your Fatima Boys and Support he College!

Purchase a ticket for UHURU - our Food Inclusive Cooler Event

Tues 30th Aug (Night before the Holiday)

Fatima Grounds

9 pm-2 am

Tickets are $500 and available from the following:

- Fatima Old Boys' Association (FOBA) / The Grey Pocket: 628-4735 (from Aug 15)

- Solera St Clair Branch: 628-7258, 623-1841 (CASH ONLY)

- Solera Marabella Branch: 227-2282, 612-9463 ext 800/801 (CASH ONLY)

- TSZ Retail Store (St. James): 628-7259

- Any FOBA Committee member

Let’s give our Fatima Boys the BEST Education they deserve!

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