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The Fatima College team of Xavier Mulugata (Form 4), Abraham Bowen (Form 5),Breon Mullings (Form 6), and Alexander Prevatt (Form 6) wowed the  Hasely Crawford crowd on Saturday 9th March, 2013 as they won a silver medal at the inaugural Trinidad and Tobago Relay Carnival. The fans were thoroughly entertained with the efficiency and speed of our young relay team (average age 17) who moved the baton around the stadium track in a quick time.

The crowd went wild as the house announcer confirmed that FATIMA GOLD (our ‘A’ Team) finished just 00.34 seconds behind Team Canada in a new National High School Record of 42.24 seconds!

Our boys on the FATIMA BLUE team also performed with distinction as they finished 6th in their final in a time of 48.6 seconds.

Jordan Moses (Form 3-3), Zachary Gonsalves (Form 3-2), Abraham Simpson (Form 3-4), and Joshua McMillan (Form 2-3) are the new kids on the block who will soon be a force to reckoned with.

Well done guys! You continue to make all of us so proud.

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